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    Greetings Cubers!

    I will tell you a story, one I have told many times and I would like to share with you.
    Before we start I would like to say this was inspired by SpaceAnt.

    The server started after I had left a server I used to help run. What happened was that staff and I were getting annoyed at the owner and thought he went too far as they were getting more abusive. When I and the Staff noticed this, we decided to set off and to make our own server, we said goodbye and farewell and wished them luck. The first thing ever created for the server was the Discord as you know today, we created it on the 16/08/2017 and have been running it ever since. When we first made it I suggested we called it ColorCube because when I was helping the owner on the other server I used to work on, I was making a spawn and I liked the idea of you spawning below a colorful cube. One of our other staff members said we should have called it CubeColor but it was decided to be ColorCube not long after. Once we did that we got all set up, got some people and started developing the server within a day or two. Awhile after chatting we noticed that someone was kicking members and it was one of our staff members that we started to really trust. The server for a while was home hosted by me, but then a miracle happened one of our staff members, one of my I would like to call a best friend decided to pay for a 24/7 host! I was so happy when I heard of it so we set off to explore the web for a great cheap VPS (Virtual Private Server, basically a virtual computer that is always on), Once we found one I started to learn Linux and how it works as I was such a quick learner when it comes to computers and ICT. A long time later at least just below a year later or so they came back to me telling me they couldn't pay for it anymore and I knew that day would come sooner or later but luckily fate came at just the right time as I just got a Debit Card and a Newspaper round so I could start paying for it.

    That's the main story, there's lots more I could tell you as this server goes long ways up and down, left and right. If you would like to hear more then rate this post and comment below! =)

    Thanks for Reading!
    -CC Owner

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