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    What's your Name? | Prefer not to say.
    Whats Your Minecraft IGN (In-Game Name)? | RealityyGFX
    How old are you? | 12, approaching 13.
    How Mature are you? | 9/10

    What's your mail so we have another way of contacting you? | Prefer not to publicly say, if I get accepted, I'll privately message it you.

    Which country do you live in? | United Kingdom

    Do you have Discord (If so please tell us your Discord Name and #12345 Code)? | Reality#5732
    Can you record your Minecraft Gameplay clearly (On PC not via phone)? | YES
    How Active can you be on The Network And/Or Discord? | About 3 days a week.

    If someone was starting to spam staff and members what actions would you take? | Mute him for an hour, if he carries on, add another hour onto his mute and so on.
    If a Staff Member, a lower rank than you decided to threaten someone what actions would you take? | I would act on it, but it depends how he threatens the person, if he threatened to kill someone, hurt someone, etc. I would ban them, no exceptions.

    If an Administrator, Manager Or Someone higher or the same rank as you Started to abuse, what action would you take? | I would report to the Owner, as he can take the right course of action as he owns the server.

    If a Member (Player/User) Or Staff Account Got Compromised what actions would you take? | Ban them for the time being until they report to us that they have got their account back.

    If you accidentally muted and/or banned the wrong person what actions would you take? (You cannot unmute or unban as a helper) | Inform higher staff than my role to unban them, with proof that they are not the one who needs the ban.

    If you were to get into a fight with another staff member, what would you do? | If it got to bad, I'd just leave the argument, and say that he won the argument. As I don't want an argument happening as it'd probably cause my account to get banned.

    If you were Demoted how would you react? | Well, it must be for a good reason, so I'd probably accept it.

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