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    What's your Name? Keelan
    Whats Your Minecraft IGN (In-Game Name)? kiyz
    How old are you? 17
    How Mature are you? 9

    What's your mail so we have another way of contacting you? [email protected]
    Which country do you live in? Ireland

    Do you have Discord (If so please tell us your Discord Name and #12345 Code)? Keelan#8913

    How successfull have you been with Advertise a Minecraft Server? | 8
    How often can you Advertise for us? A few times a week, really as much as is necessary.
    How long have you been playing the Network for? Just joined!
    How Active can you be on The Network And/Or Discord? I can be reached via Discord at any time of the day, and can be on the Network for around 3-4 hours every day, and probably more on weekends.

    How often do you check or use your Email? Many times daily.
    How professional are you in Emails? Very professional.
    How you ever sent a Business Email before? Yes, I have; for various projects that I have worked on, correspondence over email has been a necessity.

    If you were Demoted how would you react?: I'd likely be upset, but I'd try to ascertain why I was demoted to see what I could do better in my next venture, instead of retaliating.

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