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    ColorCube Network Rules


    [1.]: Don't Disrespect Staff!
    [2.]: Do Not Post/Send Inappropriate Things.
    [3.]: Do Not Spam.

    [4.]: Do Not Bully People. Note: If Your Being Bullied Please Tell Someone.
    [5.]: Do Not Abuse/Use The Bots Unless U Have Permission From The Owner Or Your A Member Of Staff.
    [6.]: Do Not Advertise Or Post Links With Out Permission Or Else You Will Be Banned!

    [7.]: Do Not Play Anything Inappropriate Or Else You Will Be Banned!
    [8.]: Don't Spam For Staff Or For Staff To Help You In Support.
    [9.]: Don't Joke Or Talk About Suicide Or Doing It!

    [10.]: Do Not Copy Anything From Us Unless u Have Permission From Romanthefrog10
    [11.]: Do Not Bypass Swear Filter!
    [12.]: Using Emojis For Inappropriate Use Will Get U Banned!

    [13.]: If A Fight Is Started Anyone In The Fight That Doesn't Stop Fighting Will Be Banned


    Made By Krisp & Romanthefrog10!

    Breaking any of these rules will end up in a punishment!

    Lasted Updated/Edited: (15/05/2018)

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