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    What's your Name? I am not putting my name public sorry! Just call me Cheetah
    Whats Your Minecraft IGN (In-Game Name)? CheetahPlayzMC
    How old are you? | 12 but coming on 13
    How Mature are you? | 9/10

    What's your mail so we have another way of contacting you? | [email protected]
    Which country do you live in? | Hello there I'm from England

    Do you have Discord (If so please tell us your Discord Name and #12345 Code)? I no-longer have discord

    How well do you think you can Build? | 9/20
    How often do you think you can Build for the Server? At least 10 hours a week (more if requested)
    What can you Build? (E.g. Spawns, Maps, Structures ect.) | Spawns, Maps
    Do you make Big, Medium or Small builds? | Medium
    How long does it take for you to Build that option you selected? | 2 days

    If you were asked to change something on your Build, would you be ok with it? Of course! I always look for suggestions to make my builds better!
    If a Build was Denied, how would you react/feel? I would be fine with it and would understand!

    How do you feel about working with other Builders? I can work with anyone!

    If you were Demoted, what would you do? I would undersatnd why and not make that mistake again!
    Please submit a link to your portfolio (Images of your Builds.)

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