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    Before applying for BUILDER, please read our rules below and please make sure you use the Application we have made/given (If you don't know how to get the application please select it then Copy & Paste it.)

    BUILDER Application Rules:
    • Don't make useless applications to waste staff's time.
    • Don't show hate and talk bad about other staff (e.g I would be way better than that one annoying OWNER guy!) We don't like our staff insulted...
    • Try to be honest (We have stated this rule because we have seen people wanting to be Helpers stating that they can Ban and Mute but when they really need to they don't know how to.)
    • Don't make up your own application format, use the one we have made/given (Please Copy & Paste the application format.)
    • Make sure you can Record, as there is no point of applying if you can't because if you need to prove they were you have your evidence.
    • Make sure you replace the pre-answer examples with your own in the application format.

    BUILDER Application Format:

    Please replace the CAPITALISED answers with your own (e.g What's your Name? | NAME you would change NAME to your own name).

    What's your Name? | NAME
    Whats Your Minecraft IGN (In-Game Name)? | IGN
    How old are you? | AGE
    How Mature are you? |1/10
    What's your mail so we have another way of contacting you? | [email protected]
    Which country do you live in? | COUNTRY
    Do you have Discord (If so please tell us your Discord Name and #12345 Code)? | EXAMPLE#12345
    How well do you think you can Build? | 1/10
    How often do you think you can Build for the Server? | ANSWER
    What can you Build? (E.g. Spawns, Maps, Structures ect.) | OPTION OR CUSTOM AWNSER
    Do you make Big, Medium or Small builds? | OPTION
    How long does it take for you to Build that option you selected? | 2 DAYs
    If you were asked to change something on your Build, would you be ok with it? | ANSWER
    If a Build was Denied, how would you react/feel? | ANSWER
    How do you feel about working with other Builders? | ANSWER
    If you were Demoted, what would you do? | ACTION
    Please submit a link to your portfolio (Images of your Builds.) If these images are not your builds, you will be instantly denied. | HTTPS://PORTFOLLIO.LINK/TOBUILDIMAGES
    NOTE: Applications can sometimes take a week just for an Accept response or a Denied response but can also take less than a week.

    If you have any other issues, please let us know on our Support channel on Discord ( or email [email protected] .
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