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    Apr 18, 2019
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    What's your Name? | My name is Elijas
    Whats Your Minecraft IGN (In-Game Name)? | Linaer
    How old are you? | 16
    How Mature are you? |10

    What's your mail so we have another way of contacting you? | [email protected]
    Which country do you live in? | I live in lithuania ( Europe )

    Do you have Discord (If so please tell us your Discord Name and #12345 Code)? | swifty#7789
    Can you record your Minecraft Gameplay clearly (On PC not via phone)? | Yes
    How Active can you be on The Network And/Or Discord? | I'm actually very active, i'd login daily and i have my phone on me basically every time.

    If someone was starting to spam staff and members what actions would you take? | I'd just warn him or just talk to him whats the deal, if he woudln't listen or wouldn't follow the server/discord rules i'd just mute for a short period.

    If a Staff Member, a lower rank than you decided to threaten someone what actions would you take? | First of all i'd talk to him whats the problem, and then i would try to figure out why is he threatining someone, if he acts childish and unmuture then i'd contact the higher-ups or take actions by myself.

    If an Administrator, Manager Or Someone higher or the same rank as you Started to abuse, what action would you take? | Ok so first of all, i would somehow try to buy time so he wouldn't do anything crazy that would cause any problems for the server. Then I'd contact the Founder/Owner of the server as soon as possible.

    If a Member (Player/User) Or Staff Account Got Compromised what actions would you take?
    | I'm very friendly and i can become friends with everyone, so making friends and talking is not my problem. So i would just try to make a conversation and try to make things clear.

    If you accidentally muted and/or banned the wrong person what actions would you take? (You cannot unmute or unban as a helper) | Ok so first of all i'd apology the user that got banned accidently, and then i'd contact someone that has the powers to unban people.

    If you were to get into a fight with another staff member, what would you do? | If the fight is dumb or insignificant, then i would tell him that he is right and try my best not to get our relationship get burried.

    If you were Demoted how would you react? | Well, of course it would be sad and not to be the part of the staff community would be even sadder. But i would just try my best not to get demoted :
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    May 30, 2018
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    Dear @Linaer ,

    I would like to do an interview on discord if that's okay, please join our discord server and please let us know when you can be interviewed on discord.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Best regards, Roman.

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