Hello Cubers, are you up for Applying and joining Staff Team?

We have introduced a waiting list since we have a few applying online and a lot applying on our Discord Server. The waiting list has no time, we will pick people from top to bottom as long as:
  • Your Application has not been Deleted
  • You still have a Forum account

When we pick you from the Waiting list, we will Directly Message your Forum Account or Email you to see if you are still willing to Join the Staff Team, if we hear nothing after a week we will close your application.
MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all! I hope you all have a great Christmas or Holiday.

We will be soon releasing a NEW ColorCube Development Stream as well as NEW Advertisement Manager Applications which you can find at https://colorcubemc.net/forums/new-advertisement-manager-application.22/.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
- From all at ColorCube Network!
:emoji_japanese_ogre: :emoji_skull_crossbones: IT'S THE MONTH! IT'S THE DAY! IT'S HALLOWEEN TODAY! :emoji_skull_crossbones::emoji_japanese_ogre:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU ALL! We hope you get LOTS of Candy, Treats & TRICKS!!
From me, The Staff & The Community we say Happy Halloween and give yall a treating night!

-The Staff TEAM & Community
:emoji_imp: 80% Off everything in the Store until the 07.11.18! :emoji_wink: :emoji_imp:
NEW SMP Has released on our server! If you join today (25/10/18) you will get a free epic key (Today Only! Epic key on the first join will end at 7:30 PM GMT UK on the 25/10/18)!

Factions Voting has now been Fixed! Vote Crates coming soon.

Join Now! Play.ColorCubeMC.Net
Our Discord! https://ColorCubeMC.Net/Discord
Hello, ColorCube Network Users!

I would like to inform you of the recent changes regarding to our Discord Rules. The Discord Rules have been updated to fix any confusion, lack of stating and also more of an extension on to the old Rules. These will be our new rules, created by @RayD. However, these rules may change in the future, but we will inform you with another post such as this one.

Best Regards,

:emoji_bust_in_silhouette: Ray Dobson.
:emoji_earth_americas: Support & Moderator Team.
I know it been a while but we are almost done with the MiniGames. The New MiniGames spawn lobby area is now ready (thanks to the new senior builder Daan) for when we release a new MiniGame. One of The New MiniGames should be released later this week or next week!
The ColorCube Factions has now Reset and has come with a new world Generator and will be coming out with more new stuff soon!

It takes a while to get new updates/features because its only coded by me and 90% of developers want server files and then it goes wrong so this is why. I hope you understand! =D
Soon Factions will be resetting but before it resets were gonna have a PURGE :emoji_dagger:.
(This was inspired by JackSucksAtLife the Owner of Skycade. More Credit Information: https://colorcubemc.net/threads/inspiration-credit.12/).

The PURGE :emoji_dagger: Will be happening on Thursday (07/06/2018) at 2:30 PM (UK GMT). I hope lots can make it and it will be a really run event I hope. :emoji_smile:


The PURGE :emoji_dagger: will have 4 Different Stages:
Stage 1: PVP & Hacks will be allowed/enabled in spawn

Stage 2: Spawn will be UnClaimed so you can destroy, raid & build on it all u like!

Stage 3: Peoples Gamemodes will be changed in to Creative and such and just the owner messing around like maybe some /kills, kits being dropped, changing balances you know

Stage 4: The FINALE Stage... The RESET... all players balance, claims, factions & more will be gone/reset. The map will look better and updated and hopefully some new stuff.


When the PURGE :emoji_dagger: stages happen the middle of spawn will be protected so you don't get spawn killed and so you can actually go around doing some stuff. Staff can abuse a bit but stuff like random bans and mutes won't be allowed and spawn killing won't be allowed...


I Hope you all enjoy the PURGE :emoji_dagger: and the reset! On the store there will be some Kit Resets you can buy and some giveaways on the Network. I hope you all enjoy so remember Thursday 07/06/2018 at 2:30 PM (UK GMT) is the PURGE...